Tractors without Grass Catchers

If you do not have a grass catcher assembly, our Deck Adapter Kit provides all the necessary components to attach The Lawn Tractor Leaf Bag to your lawn tractor. The Deck Adapter Kit is fairly easy to attach and remove. It takes some hand tools to install and fits about 95% of the lawn tractors without any modification.

Click on the image to the left to watch a video of how easy and effective the Deck Adapter Kit works with the Lawn Tractor Leaf Bag. Do you want to know how easy it is to install the Deck Adapter Kit? You can download and print the kit instructions and view them using Adobe Acrobat. Get a full understanding of what you will need to do before purchasing the kit. If you still have any questions please contact us.

Click Here for: 2014 DAK.ZTM instructions


The Deck Adapter Kit includes:

  • Universal Deck Adapter – This attaches to your mower deck to collect and direct the leaves into the Discharge Tube.
  • Discharge Tube – A wire reinforced flexible tube used to carry the leaves from the Universal Deck Adapter to the Leaf Bag.
  • Chute Vent Disk – the Leaf Bag attaches here and the holes help maintain airflow.
  • Lawn Tractor Leaf Bag – The time saving bag for collecting leaves while riding around on your lawn tractor.
  • Miscellaneous Hardware – to attach above components to your lawn tractor.
Click Here to Purchase the Deck Adapter Kit

Click Here to Buy the Deck Adapter Kit

Checking the Fender Clearance:

You will need to check the fender clearance over your right rear tire. The Discharge Tube normally sits against this fender but may rub against the tire depending on your fenders position. If there are controls to your lawn tractor located in the fender you will need to attach a clamp.

The simplist type of clamp we can recommend is the Irwin Quick Grip clamp with a 6 inch opening. It clamps easily to the fender without drilling, comes with non-maring rubber heads, is easily installed and removed, the tube sits on the clamp bar, and it can be purchased at any hardware store (see below)

Fender Clearance
Mount Clamp on Fender
Rest Tube on Clamp & Tie in Place if Needed